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Staying Safe, Staying Live

Your safety and wellbeing are our highest priority. We need your help to make Live at the Bowl a safe event for everyone to enjoy.

If you see inappropriate behaviour, report it by texting 0418 557 677, noting your deck or table number.

You must remain at your deck or table for the duration of your event, unless it is to collect food and drink or use the facilities. When moving around the venue, maintain physical distance from others where possible.

You must carry a mask with you at all times. Masks must be worn where physical distancing is not possible.

We encourage good hand hygiene throughout your visit.

The Sidney Myer Music Bowl is a Your Choice venue.

House rules

  • Everyone is welcome. Treat each other with care and respect
  • Adhere to safety guidelines and instructions from our team at all times
  • Remain in your area unless it is to collect food and drink or use the facilities
  • Only 1-2 members of your group to visit the bar at one time
  • Dance only at your table or in your deck
  • Wear a mask where physical distancing is not possible
  • No pass outs
  • Have fun!

If you start to feel unwell, you should advise a member of our team and then leave the venue immediately. If you find at a later date you have tested positive for COVID-19 please call our Safety and Security team on 9281 8316, who will treat your call with strict confidence.

210108 LATB Dancing Safety