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Community Partners

No Friend but the Mountains: A Symphonic Song Cycle has collaborated with Refugee Voices and Refugee Action Collective to welcome the wider refugee community of Melbourne to this unique performance. Both organisations offer extensive support to communities across Australia, promoting access and involvement and celebrating their contributions to Australian art and culture.

Refugee Voices

Refugee Voices is a refugee-led community organisation. When it comes to the policies and decisions that affect our brothers and sisters, we ensure that our voices are heard loud and clear. We empower people from refugee backgrounds to raise their voice, to forge the lives they love, and to access important partnerships that make this happen.

Stand with refugee communities and donate today.

Refugee voices

Refugee Action Collective

The Refugee Action Collectives have been campaigning to end mandatory detention for over 20 years. We have prioritised direct contact and involvement with those in detention to give them a voice and to organise more effectively to bring down the fences. While The Australian told lies, RAC broke the news that Reza Barati had been murdered on Manus Island. We sent supplies and several tens of thousands of dollars during the siege on Manus when refugees fought for freedom, and resisted being evicted from the Lombrum camp. We helped initiate legal action for the Medevac refugees, over 60 of them are now free after almost 8 years in detention.

The Refugee Action Collectives are volunteer, grassroots campaigning groups. There are no administration overheads, and no staff salaries.

Your donation will be used to directly assist refugees, to support legal action to free them, and to keep organising and campaigning to change government policy and free all asylum seekers onshore and offshore.

RAC is a member of Refugee Action Network (RAN), a network of advocacy groups in Victoria. RAN is organising the major Walk for Justice for Refugees event on Palm Sunday, 28 March 2PM at the State Library.

For more information about RAC call Chris on 0403 013 183 or visit

Refugee Action Collective